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I felt like I overworked that last painting, so I made myself go fast and small with this one. Alla prima figure study, oil on canvas board, 5×7:

Skye, 8×10, oil on board

STEP AWAY, SELF. I was hovering angrily with my brush loaded, ready to paint out the background entirely, so I put myself in time-out and removed the painting to the basement. I can fix the cracks in the wall after I’ve let it rest for a while. oil on gessoed hardboard, 16x20ish But I really like how the layers of transparency on the lips turned them into deep, glossy candy in the actual painting. Glazing over monochromatic underlayers may not be for me, but building with semi-translucent color is where it is at, folks.

Avocado, oil on canvas, 8×10 I ate my model again. I will never get actual people to pose for me at this rate. This is an alla prima painting that took a couple of hours. Painting and model

Ginger, oil on canvas, 8×10 This ginger has seen better days, but it still had at least one portrait sitting left in it. I painted this one a bit larger than life-size so it would sit on the canvas better. more wibbly wobbly shadows

Alla prima ginger study, 8×10. This one is on canvas, because I ran out of board. Canvas is okay, I guess. nice wiggly shadows are fun to paint

Dragonfruits look like they ought to get up and walk away. Next time I’ll pose it like it’s sitting for a portrait instead of collapsed dejectedly.