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Cockroach painting, wing extended

Oil on paper, 5×5, life size. Sorry.

Two-hour alla prima peach. 5×5, oil on gessobord.

Painting all the baby chickens. Oil on Arches oil paper, 5×7.

Having a bird rescuer in the family means always having models on hand for a portrait. Balls of fluff are a lot of fun to paint. oil on paper, 6×8.

Painting my cat-loving kid. Oil on paper, 5×7.

Still painting into the sketchbook. Leather jackets are a lot of fun. And the hand looks very hand-y! I can put aside my thoughts about replacing everyone’s hands with hooks.

I went out of my head and bought a set of Rosemary brushes. So far they are as nice as people claim. Finally time to work on the background pattern!