An outing sure to strike terror in the hearts of upstate New Yorkers.

A lineup of babies for our library toddler time promotion.

Death by a thousand pecks.

Second try with the oranges. Better. Model still did not survive.

My first still life with the ipad pro & pencil kind of got away from me. SO SHINY. Ate the models.

Yarn snail, 2016 Put down my knitting last night to draw it on my tablet. Love this thing. Did not eat this model. One of my friends pointed out that it looks like a snail, so I am going to say that is a deliberate design element.

3×3, pencil and acrylic wash on watercolor paper The models didn’t survive the process.

4×6, pencil and acrylic wash on watercolor paper. Jan, 2016. The look she gets just before she takes your eyes out.