Oil on board, 8×8.

Oil on board, 8×8.

Flower from my yard, tarot card, Saint Christopher medallion, broken time turner. Oil on wood, 6×6.

My mother won’t let me steal this decorative horse on her shelf, so I painted it. Mine now. Oil on wood, 12×12

Didn’t have the heart to eat it. Oil on primed wood, 4×6 oval.

Wilting flowers from my yard. White flowers are haaaaard, and these were life-sized. Fought with this thing for weeks. Oil on canvas board, 16×16.

Painting of chicks

One of our wild hens came around with three babies and let them pose for me. Oil on paper, 8×10.

Painting of pear

Lumpy pear, painted from life, alla prima, and then eaten so I couldn’t mess up the painting trying to fix it later. 6×6, oil on board.