Cockroach painting, wing extended

Oil on paper, 5×5, life size. Sorry.

Not a real skull – my cats weren’t interested. Resin skull, oil on aluminum panel, 8×8.

Lychee branch from my tree. Oil on board, 16×24.

Garbage flowers are the best. I don’t know why people talk trash about carnations. Carnation, oil on aluminum, 8×8

I told her to make “fancy face”. oil on oak, 8×10 oval

Strawberry guavas, snapped off the tree behind the house. Oil on aluminum, 8×8

Been learning to glaze in layers. It takes forever but it is very gratifying. Someone murdered my model halfway through, though. Onion, oil on aluminum, 8×8.

A bit late picking this blossom off my potted hibiscus. Oil on aluminum composite, 8×8.