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My hibiscus only produces one flower at a time, so I felt bad murdering this one, but they don’t have long blooming lives. I’ve got a bunch of painted boards that I plonk these down on as a background, then I lay them out in natural light. Double hibiscus. Oil on aluminum composite, 8×8

My kid brought this home for me to paint from a summer trip to see grandpa. I really like how the red from the carmine pencil underdrawing shows through in the shadows. Pine cone, oil on Arches oil paper, 3×4.

A handful of java plums I picked up on a walk through the botanical gardens. They did not manage to fall on my head and turn my hair purple, I win. 8×8, oil on aluminum panel

Two-hour alla prima peach. 5×5, oil on gessobord.

Painting all the baby chickens. Oil on Arches oil paper, 5×7.

Trying out some aluminum composite panels. These flower trees are all over the place and drop big tough seed pods that murder your lawn mower. African Tulip, 8×8, oil on ACM

I’m kind of losing my steam on this one because of the size and my limited painting time, but I like the bits I managed to finish. Oil on Arches oil paper, 16×20 edited to update: I gave up and a family member took it while it was drying. Probably for the best, I would have gone back and ruined it later.

Plucky the Terrible Terror, my favorite and best chicken. Oil on moleskine paper, 5×7